Tuckshop He@lth

Tuck Shop He@lth


“Tuck Shop He@lth” aims to inspire the development healthy tuck shops which will provide primary schoolaged children with nutritious food options and nutrition education, based on the South African Food Based Dietary Guidelines. The “Tuck Shop He@lth” menu offers convenient, fresh, home-made goodness with the fun and novelty of the take away outlets children love to visit.


A tuck shop managed within the “Tuck Shop He@lth” guidelines offers busy moms confidence, providing convenient home-made goodness, with a touch of novelty for the children to enjoy. The products sold at the tuck shop can be packaged and labeled in fun ways to create the element of novelty associated with less healthy convenience foods and the take – aways that entice little children so much. ‘Traditional’ tuck shop treats such as chips and sweets can still be available but should be small and controlled in order to reserve them as treats and to avoid them being consumed as meals. This may also enhance the choice factor that the children will have on receiving nutrition education. These foods should not however be advertised in any way.


The “Tuck Shop He@lth” menu has been designed to meet the needs of growing children at an important stage of their learning and development. The menu has been planned to provide a different lunch meal every day of the week in addition to healthy snacks and beverages. The food choices within the menu are based on the South African Food Based Dietary Guidelines.


The “Tuck Shop He@lth” initiative aims to target the school children, their parents and teachers, with the objective of increasing awareness of the importance of childhood health. Educational materials are included to assist in achieving this goal. A copy of the menu can be sent home with each child. Parents will therefore be aware of the choices available to their children and can assist them in making healthy choices. To assist with meal forecasting, meal orders could be placed at the tuck shop before school. Such orders could be collected in a separate queue at break time. There are, however a variety of management styles to run a successful, health – promoting tuck shop. The following table outlines a few possible management styles.