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  • Am I able to customize my menu?
    Yes, you have full control to add, edit, and deactivate menu items. Menu Customisation: Set up your menu on Taptuck with categories, menu items and additions to create a user-friendly experience.
  • Am I able to specify which meal Period and day items are available?
    Yes, you are able to specify which meal period and day of the week your products will be available for sale.
  • How will I get my pre-orders?
    You will receive a daily automated order mailer listing pre-ordered items and detailed pre-order information by grade, class, and child.
  • Am I able to see a list of orders?
    All orders New orders Redeemed orders Unredeemed orders Cancelled orders Pocket money spend Scan to Pay Sales Yes, you will find these various reports under ORDERS. They will give you a breakdown of order number, order amount, items, date, meal period, status, parent name, Kid name, Grade, Class, channel and payment method.
  • Can I pull a report breaking down the orders with each line item in the order.
    Yes, you can access a breakdown of the orders under – ORDERS – ALL ORDER BREAKDOWN
  • How do I redeem my pre-orders?
    You can either redeem pre-orders by scanning a childs Taptuck card and redeem the order via the app. Or you can redeem orders via the BOH login. Go to ORDERS – NEW ORDERS – Filter by todays date – SELECT ALL (Or individually) and click REDEEM! Easy as that!
  • How do I cancel an order?
    Go to ORDERS – NEW ORDERS - Filter by todays date – ACTION – CANCEL ORDER This will cancel the order and refund the parent wallet.
  • Am I able to see my sales figures?
    Yes, you are able to view detailed sales reports, providing insights into daily or monthly sales. Finance – Sales Recon
  • How do I get the money in my merchant wallet?
    Once your orders have been redeemed, you can go to the FINANCE tab, CASHOUT, and then enter the amount you wish to cash out from your wallet balance and click REQUEST CASHOUT. We release cashouts on Monday / Wednesday / Friday @ 3pm for same day payment.
  • Do I get charged for cash outs?
    We will automatically cashout your wallet on the 1st of the month to ensure that funds do not roll over into the new month. You get a further 2 FREE cash outs at a timing of your choice in the month, thereafter you will be charged R10 per cashout.
  • How do I scan a child’s Taptuck card?
    Download the Taptuck App on your cell phone, sign in with your merchant Login Credentials, and use your camera as barcode scanner. The app will pick up the Child’s name, Profile picture, Allergies, Food preferences, if the child has any pre-orders, and the child’s available balance. You can enter the amount and click redeem – the funds will be transferred from the parent wallet to your merchant wallet instantly.
  • Does Taptuck have a point of sales integration?
    Yes, we do! Taptuck POS is seamlessly integrated to your Taptuck app. Enabling real time customer balances, ordering history & menu item management. Cost effective hardware solutions, quick & easy to deploy to sites. With multiple ways to pay, scan to pay, Zapper and credit card payments all built-in, going cashless is simple.
  • I am trying to top up my wallet, but I keep getting an error message that says “Payment failed”, what do I do?
    Please can you go to TOP UP WALLET. Remove your card. And then load your card again. This usually solves the problem. If not, let email us and we can possibly track the error message being received from the bank.
  • I am not able to complete my registration because I am not receiving the OTP?
    Please email and we will be able to assist you.
  • I would like a refund of the balance in my Taptuck Wallet?
    Please email us your cell phone number and banking details so that we can refund you the money that is in your Taptuck Wallet. Please be advised of the R7.50 service fee and 2.5% bank charges of the amount transferred. Our email address is
  • My child did not receive the order I placed via the app?
    We sincerely apologize on behalf of the tuckshop for the inconvenience. Please email your cell phone number, order number and query to and we will forward it onto the tuckshop. They will be in contact you directly regarding the matter.
  • I EFT’d funds for my child but it is not yet reflecting in my Taptuck Wallet? Incorrect reference used for eft/deposit
    Please note that EFT may take up to 48hours before wallet is topped up. Please email us a formal proof of payment and you cell phone number to so that we can track your payment and allocate it to your wallet. For all future payments, please ensure to use your cell phone number as the payment reference so that the funds can be allocated automatically.
  • How do I link my child’s Taptuck card?
    On the app, please click on EDIT KID. Scroll down to the button that says SCAN QR CODE. Scan the QR code at the back of the card. Click SAVE and the card will then link to your wallet. You can track the spendings in the POCKET MONEY HISTORY report in the dashboard.
  • How do I purchase a TapTuck card?
    You may order a new Taptuck card on the app or purchase it directly at the school tuck shop.
  • How do I top up my wallet?
    Log into TapTuck App Top up wallet Put in Amount you wish to top up Choose Payment Method - Card or EFT *The Card option is instant where EFT may take 48hours before wallet is topped up. Always use Username as Reference when topping up a wallet.
  • How do I delete my kids profile?
    Click on EDIT KID, and then click on ARCHIVE KID. Should you require a refund of the balance in your Taptuck wallet, please email your cell phone number and banking details to and we will transfer the refunds for you. Please be advised of the R7.50 service fee and 2.5% bank charges of the amount transferred.
  • How do I update my child’s grade/class?
    Log into the app Click edit kid Scroll down and update grade/class Scroll right to the bottom and click save.
  • Do I have to buy a physical Taptuck card?
    No, you can download a Digital Card for FREE! Find a digital card for you or your child/ren in the DASHBOARD, under DIGITAL CARDS. The digital card can be scanned from your app or downloaded and printed.
  • Am I able to set a daily limit on my child’s Taptuck card?
    Yes – Please go to EDIT KID, and scroll down to Daily Limit Card, set the desired amount and click SAVE.
  • Am I able to cancel an order?
    Yes – as long as it is still before the order cut off time. Go to the DASHBOARD ORDER HISTORY Choose the order you want to cancel And click CANCEL ORDER Orders cannot be cancelled once the merchant has accepted the order. Contact

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