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School Tuckshops

Get with it! Take your tuckshop online

Welcome to Taptuck, the online lunch ordering system that makes life easier for tuckshops, parents, and students.

Taptuck school ordering screenshot

We Make It Easier

No more mornings spent searching for loose change or

brown paper bags.

Whether you have one or multiple children at the school

or children at different schools.

Pre-order for First Break, Second Break, After School or a custom ordering period


We Make it Safe and Secure

A safe and secure ordering system that eliminates the concern

of your child carrying cash to school.

Order ahead & skip the queues or

Send your child to school with a Tap Tuck card.

Set daily & weekly spend limits.

Use the card at the tuck shop or at the self service kiosks.

Taptuck food icon

Pre-order & pay for healthy meals


Skip the queues

Taptuck card payment icon

Pay for food

at the tuck shop.


Set pocket money

card spend limits

Taptuck scan to pay icon

Don't have your card?

Scan to pay from

your TapTuck app.

We also have our very own integrated point of sale!

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