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Healthier, Happier, Safer Schools.

Pay for school events.

Order & pay for healthy meals, uniforms, stationery & more.​

Pay at multiple school merchants, for multiple kids at multiple schools, safely & conveniently.


We understand parents want the best for their child.


We enable multi-merchant transactions within one platform, creating a true cashless school environment.

We offer our tuck shops healthy menu advice & we enable parents to make these healthier choices on our platform.

We enable all other merchants on campus to list & deliver products

& services safely & conveniently.


We enable safe & secure, contactless payments at campuses

across the country.

The school environment is one of the early touch points for a child, where they are trusted with money & empowered to learn how to transact.

TapTuck enables pocket money limits, purchase reports & messages to parents to help their child on this money learning journey.


The Cashless School App

Healthy Lunches
School Payments

Safe, secure & convenient!

TapTuck is fully Compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.


TapTuck is POPIA compliant, keeping school, parent and student information safe.

School Payments


School Payments Made Easy​

No more mornings spent searching for loose change or


Whether you have one or multiple children at the school

or children at different schools, conveniently pay or donate for school events from your mobile phone.

Schools can easily reconcile and manage payments on one dashboard.

Permission Slips Made Easy​

No more lost paper slips.

Conveniently respond to permission slips from your mobile phone.

Schools can easily reconcile and manage responses on one dashboard.


Pay for
school events


Get reminders for school events


Complete permission slips

Healthy Meals


We Make It Easier

No more mornings spent searching for loose change or

brown paper bags.

Whether you have one or multiple children at the school

or children at different schools.

Pre-order for First Break, Second Break, After School or a custom ordering period


We Make it Safe and Secure

A safe and secure ordering system that eliminates the concern

of your child carrying cash to school.

Order ahead & skip the queues or

Send your child to school with a Tap Tuck card.

Set daily & weekly spend limits.

Use the card at the tuck shop or at the self service kiosks.


Pre-order & pay for healthy meals


Skip the queues


Pay for food

at the tuck shop.


Set pocket money

card spend limits


Don't have your card?

Scan to pay from

your TapTuck app.

Stationery, Uniforms & More


Load your preferred suppliers or

local community merchants

Earn cash back to your school by creating a network of your school




Uniforms made easy

Pre-order and pay in app and the uniform shop will deliver to your 

child's classroom!

Stationery made easy

Pay for your entire back to school stationery list, or have ad hoc 

orders delivered to your child's classroom or collect at the tuck shop.

Tablets, Sporting Equipment & More

Our campus network makes all your school goods requirements 

easy, convenient & safe.

Tap Tuck Accepted Here Mockup Cafe.jpg

Scan to Pay at
Multiple Merchants
on Campus

Schools are mini-markets with multiple merchants on campus.

We offer a simple platform to receive all their payments in one app. 

Scan the QR Code at the school or any of the school's merchants, sports coaches, teachers or vendors.

Scan at any partner school across the country.

What everyone is saying about TapTuck!

"Thank you for the great service!

The app has delivered the functions promised free of any hassle.
The service and training we received were highly efficient and friendly. This really helped with the implementation of a new admin system in house." 

Thiru - Tuck Shop Owner -

Kingsway Highschool

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